International Employees

The international network of the BOXMARK Group offers our employees the opportunity to work abroad. Be it within the context of business trips, training and exchange programs, internships or postings, we offer a wide range of opportunities to work abroad and to participate in an intercultural exchange and advanced training.

Our international employees contribute to the worldwide standardization of our know-how. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience between the sites, we can ensure our product quality on a global level. But not only BOXMARK benefits from this, but above all our employees. Intercultural exchange contributes to both professional and personal development and offers the opportunity to broaden one's perspective and grow also on the inside.

Our international employees include workers and employees from various professions, such as tanners, technicians, chemists, IT/SAP specialists, business economists etc.. The assignments abroad are independent of the hierarchy within the company. The duration depends on the required effort as well as on the activity to be performed and varies between one day and several months.

In addition to openness to other cultures, you should be willing to travel, have a very good command of English, be able to communicate and work in a team and be committed.

Do you have the above requirements and would you like to gain international experience? Then send us your application. In our job exchange you can find the current vacancies. Please refer to the respective job advertisement for the exact requirements required for a particular position. If we do not currently have a suitable vacancy for you, please get an overview of our fields of activity and apply using our online form "Unsolicited application".

Richard Posch
“... an interesting step forward in my professional career.“
“At a young age, I was faced with the choice of learning a profession in the technical or economic sector. I came across the company Boxmark and the opportunity to become a tanner. I decided to go for it. The most important reasons for my career choice were that, in addition to the technical and economic subject, a sharp eye and feeling for natural materials were also required. Meanwhile I am working as a Head of Department for the Technical Management in the Finishing Department. Boxmark has grown over the years and is now a global producer. This has given me an additional job in Mexico, which for me is an interesting step forward in my professional career. The best thing about my job is the combination of technology with the emotional product leather."
Richard Posch
Head of Technical Management in the Finishing Department for Furniture Leather, employed in Austria since 1981
Martin Schardl
„For some time now, I have been working as an Alternating Technician in Austria and Mexico.“
“My start at Boxmark was in leather production. Over a period of about ten years, I was able to get to know many different areas of work and acquire a great deal of knowledge about leather production. Then I got the opportunity of further training. For about eight months I was allowed to complete the tanner training in the company's own X-Academy and successfully completed it. For some time now, I have been working as an Alternating Technician in Austria and Mexico. I really like the fact that I've always had the chance to develop myself."
Martin Schardl
Alternating Technician Research & Development Center, employed in Austria since 2004