Production Staff

In the hands of our production staff and with the help of our production facilities, high-quality leather products are manufactured that are appreciated by our customers all over the world. The highest quality in the entire production process can only be achieved with highly trained personnel. Our employees in production manufacture and process the finest leather with craftsmanship. They also operate modern industrial machines and ensure a trouble-free production process.

Since the quality of our products is decisively influenced by our employees, we attach great importance to training and further education measures. Employees in leather production, for example, have the opportunity to complete an eight-month training course to become a tanner in the company's own X-Academy. The practical and theoretical training takes place at BOXMARK in Austria.

There are various fields of activity in our production. In order to enable efficient work processes on all production lines, shift work is carried out in both leather production and leather processing. If you are interested in working in production, your willingness to work shifts is required.

If you are interested in a job in our production facilities, please apply using our online form "Unsolicited application". We will gladly keep your application on file and contact you as soon as there is a need for personnel.

Federico Damián Eseiza
“My work at Toredo means for me the development of my skills and personality as well as well-being for my family.“
“My task is to classify the crust leather according to the visible natural characteristics (e.g. burn marks, scratches, scars, insect bites etc.). My work at Toredo means for me the development of my skills and personality as well as well-being for my family. I like the team I work with in production because we all work responsibly. I am looking forward to seeing the company and its technology grow."
Federico Damián Eseiza
Crust Leather Sorter, employed in Argentina since 2011
Hongying Zhu
“Teamwork is very important in our department.“
“I am responsible for punching the leather parts according to work instructions and customer specifications. I have to compare the dies with the templates and check that the contours are correct. The leather required for the production of the cut parts must be accurately recorded. I've learned a lot in my work. Teamwork is very important in our department. I like the working environment at Boxmark very much."
Hongying Zhu
Employee in the Cutting Department, employed in China since 2017