BOXMARK Leather GmbH & Co KG
Europastraße 11
8330 Feldbach

Phone: +43 3152 4171 0
Fax: +43 3152 4171 141

Legal Notice

Registered office:
Europastraße 11
8330 Feldbach

Phone: +43 3152 4171 0
Fax: +43 3152 4171 141
E-mail: office(at) 

Legal form of the company: Limited Partnership
Limited Partner: BOXMARK Leather Holding GmbH (FN436021h)
General Partner: BOXMARK Leather GmbH (FN61667m)

VAT ID number: ATU27402209

DVR number: 0952141

DUNS number: 30 019 08 81

Commercial register number: FN12759p

Commercial register court: Graz Regional Court as Graz Commercial Court

Basic purpose of the website: This website provides company, product and service-related information for the public, customers and interested parties of the BOXMARK Group.

Line of business: Leather manufacturing industry

Chamber affiliation: Economic Chamber, Vienna

Authority: District Commission of South East Styria

Regulations concerning trade law or occupational law: Trade Regulation Act

Access to regulations concerning trade law or occupational law: For any specific regulations concerning occupational law, please refer to the Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria at

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