Fields of activity

Our employees in the Purchasing/Logistics department are responsible for handling the purchasing process as efficiently as possible. They analyze markets, transport and storage options, select suitable suppliers, negotiate optimum pricing conditions and make the necessary resources available at the right time and in the right place. Purchasers thus carry out all activities associated with the procurement of goods, materials and services. The definitive tasks differ depending on whether it is a position for strategic or operative purchasing. Willingness to travel is required for many jobs in purchasing.

The central task of the Sales department is to sell the products and services of our company. Our sales managers are in constant contact with the customers and take care of their interests and the development of a good customer relationship. In addition to cultivating relationships, our sales staff are also responsible for winning new customers and presenting the entire range of services to customers and at international trade fairs. They are the link between companies and customers, coordinate processes and projects and also contribute suggestions for product development. The work of these employees extends to all locations of the BOXMARK Group and requires a good knowledge of foreign languages and a high willingness to travel.

The Human Resources department is responsible for all personnel-related tasks in our company, e.g. personnel requirements planning, personnel selection, development and coordination. Within the framework of personnel planning, positions and task areas are defined, position plans are developed, and personnel requirements are determined. Subsequently, job advertisements are launched on the website, on the internet, in newspapers and other media. The employees in Human Resources process the incoming applications and carry out the application procedures. The decision on the selection of personnel is taken jointly with the department heads and/or the management. In the area of personnel development, qualification profiles are drawn up, training and development plans are elaborated and seminars, training courses and workshops are organized. Furthermore, the Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that payroll accounting, vacation and absence calculation, special payments, overtime and the like are handled properly and on time.
At BOXMARK, all positions in the company canteen also belong to the human resources department. The kitchen team consists of chefs and kitchen assistants who prepare hot and cold meals for the employees every day.


In these departments, the employees deal with the recording, monitoring and documentation of the financial and goods flows in the company in order to ensure the traceability of business transactions. In our Accounting department, all documents are collected and sorted, checked, assigned and recorded for further processing. In addition, cash books are kept, invoices and reminders are created, accounts are reconciled, open items are managed, payment transactions are carried out and all tasks relating to accounting and income statements for the quarterly and annual financial statements are completed. This department is also responsible for liquidity planning and management.

Our IT department is responsible for the planning, operation and further development of the company's IT infrastructure. The employees of this department ensure that the hardware and software functions at all locations and that the information and data communication systems are optimally coordinated and controlled. In addition to numerous other tasks, our system administrators maintain and virtualize the server landscape, manage user authorizations, help with technical problems and take the necessary measures to protect all data from attacks and threats of all kinds. In order to keep BOXMARK's IT solutions up to date and to adapt them to future conditions, our employees are constantly implementing new projects.

The basic task of the Marketing department is to communicate the products and the company to specific target groups. Employees working in this area influence the level of awareness of our company and thus influence the perception of market participants. The essential activities of our marketing staff include all tasks related to corporate identity as well as the planning and implementation of PR measures. Within the scope of product communication, advertising campaigns are conceived, advertising media and promotional documents are created and international trade fair appearances are organized. In addition to maintaining the company's own websites, intranet and various pages on online platforms, our employees are also responsible for maintaining selected social media channels.

Assistants act as a hub for all departments and are often the first point of contact. They are familiar with the structure of the company, know the responsibilities and are in charge of office organization and efficient control of administrative processes. Good MS Office and foreign language skills are very important here. This department’s tasks include handling incoming and outgoing mail, correspondence, filing and archiving, coordinating and managing appointments, organizing meetings and business trips, preparing meeting documents, keeping statistics, telephone service and communicating with authorities and organizations.
General administration includes all administrative staff. The employees in this area carry out work for different specialist areas.

Our in-house Ecology Center ensures that environmentally friendly production and active environmental and climate protection are guaranteed at BOXMARK. Our environmental experts are responsible for environmental and resource management as well as waste management. The activities of these employees include the supervision of sewage treatment plants, maintenance and repair of all plants, carrying out environmentally relevant analyses, project development in the field of environmental technology, planning, carrying out and evaluating audits, as well as cooperation with authorities and external companies.
Our Ecology Center works hand in hand with our laboratory. In our chemical and physical laboratories, extensive incoming goods inspections are carried out, samples from all important production steps are examined, waste water is analyzed and the produced leather is subjected to various chemical and physical tests.
The in-house Quality Center is indispensable for permanently improving process quality and meeting the quality requirements for products and services. This ensures that prescribed standards and QM requirements are met. The employees of this center are also responsible for all audits to be carried out as well as measures in connection with certifications and work together with all departments of the company.

As a leather producer, BOXMARK has developed into a globally recognized ecological and technological pioneer. In order to meet the ever increasing technical requirements, it is a necessity for BOXMARK to work on the further and new development of products, technologies and processing methods. The tasks for our employees are varied. In our Research and Development Center for leather and design in Feldbach, our experts work on new leather products, colors, embossing and the optimum use of design elements. The test tannery is also located here, where, for example, new tanning agents and dyes are continuously developed and existing ones optimized in order to meet ecological and qualitative requirements. In the innovation workshops and saddleries in Slovenia and Germany, our teams produce individual parts, exhibits, samples and prototypes for series production.

Our Facility Management is responsible for the administration and support of the company's own buildings, business premises and apartments as well as their technical installations and facilities. The employees from this department have not only technical, but also administrative tasks to perform for facility management. Activities include the planning and management of construction and maintenance projects, site inspections and controls, coordination of maintenance and servicing, obtaining offers, negotiations and awarding contracts for repairs and small orders, cooperation with external service providers, inventory and operating documentation and AutoCAD illustrations.

In our Leather Production we turn hide into leather. The entire manufacturing process usually takes several weeks. Production is divided into three areas - tannery, finishing and forwarding. Before the hides can be preserved, they are machined and manually processed by our employees in the tannery in a multi-stage process. Depending on the desired final result, the tanning is then carried out according to the selected tanning formulation and then the leather is dyed. In order for the leather to have the desired appearance and the required properties for its intended use, the surface is treated differently in the finishing process. Once the finishing touches have been made, the shipping department staff prepare the goods for export. The majority of the leather hides produced are further processed in the company's own factories around the world; the rest is delivered in whole hides directly to customers.

The largest leather processing plants are located in Slovenia and Croatia. The leather is further processed in various ways in the Preparation, Cutting, Sewing and Leather Wrapping departments. The first step is to cut the leather hides to the right size. Depending on customer requirements, our employees produce the leather cutting parts with ultra-modern hydro-cut systems or roller and beam cutting presses. In order to meet design-oriented requirements, the leather parts can be embossed, perforated, embroidered or stitched on request. Before the parts are sewn together, they are equipped with laminations if required. Our employees in the Sewing department combine the many individual parts with highest precision. The Sewing departments also carry out preparatory work for the leather wrapping of built-in parts. In the Leather Wrapping department, the finished sewn leather coverings are applied to the vehicle parts with precision and craftsmanship.