Onboarding new employees

As a new employee at BOXMARK, you will receive active support from your supervisor and colleagues so that you can familiarize yourself well with your work area.

The employees of our personnel development department prepare an individual training plan for each new employee. The deadlines set therein do not only refer to the department in which you will work, you will also get to know all the departments that represent an interface for your position. This means that you know right from the start who you are dealing with and who is responsible for what in the company. Experience has shown that this facilitates the entry and cooperation considerably.

In the course of a company presentation the group of companies will be introduced to you and afterwards there will be a safety briefing by our experts for occupational safety.

In addition to the extensive theoretical knowledge you have acquired so far, leather production and leather processing are now waiting for you. Here you will experience up close how a raw hide becomes finished leather and which work steps are required to produce ready-to-use products from the leather hide.

It is very important for us to recruit employees who are in touch with the latest trends. Even if you have the basic qualifications for your job, it may still be necessary to expand your knowledge. We support you in this and offer you the opportunity to complete a further training course financed by BOXMARK as required.

José Luis Martínez Arrazola
“Working for this company is a great success for me.“
"It was very gratifying for me to have been selected two years ago for the in-house training in Croatia. I started as an employee in the Sewing Department, where I learned about the production of leather seat covers. I didn't know anything about that before. Working for this company is a great success for me. Boxmark has given me the opportunity to achieve my goals and develop myself personally and professionally. This extends through all areas, and I appreciate all the information the company provides for me. I would like to thank every member of the Boxmark family for the opportunity and trust they have placed in me.”
José Luis Martínez Arrazola
Group Manager in the Sewing Department, employed in Mexico since 2016
Weijuan Peng
“I’ve learned a lot during the training...“
“I am responsible for maintaining and improving the quality management system and handling the quality audits. In the short time I've been at Boxmark, I've experienced a lot that has deeply impressed me. In the first month I was given the opportunity to complete an internal training course in the Austrian headquarters. I’ve learned a lot during the training and also got to know the diverse European life and culture. After my return to China, I started preparing the external audit IATF16949 and received full support of my colleagues. I am happy to be a member of the Quality Center staff. I had a good start at Boxmark and I like the working atmosphere and the cooperation with my colleagues".
Weijuan Peng
Executive in the Quality Center, employed in China since 2018