What we offer

Fair and safe working conditions

BOXMARK ensures fair and safe working conditions in a modern and attractive working environment as well as appropriate remuneration. The respectful and honest treatment of our employees, the observance of human rights and the protection of human dignity are binding for us.

Health protection & company doctor

The safety and health of our employees is of great concern to us. In order to avoid accidents and work-related illnesses, regular measures and training as well as instructions are carried out to improve occupational safety. Our company doctor is also an essential part of our health care and is available to employees at regular times.

A long-term employment relationship

BOXMARK is a company that appreciates the quality of its employees. It is therefore our goal to employ our staff on a long-term basis. We also offer temporary workers the possibility of employment if they are suitably qualified.

Internationality - versatile opportunities within the ever-growing group structure

Our international network offers our employees the opportunity to gain experience abroad, from which they can benefit both personally and professionally. Be it within the context of business trips, training and exchange programs, internships or postings, we offer a wide range of opportunities to work abroad and to participate in an intercultural exchange and advanced training.

Work-Life-Balance – different production time models

A significant factor for the satisfaction, motivation and performance of employees is the reconciliation between work, family and leisure. To safeguard the work-life balance, we use different production time models at BOXMARK. Compliance with breaks and rest periods is very important to ensure that our employees have sufficient time for recreation and private life.

Modern technologies and IT infrastructure

BOXMARK relies on state-of-the-art technologies and IT systems that are continuously updated. Demand-oriented solutions are provided at all locations.

Internal service support

BOXMARK's internal service departments support employees with travel and hotel bookings, the provision of pool cars, the use of communication and IT infrastructure, etc.

Company parking

We provide our employees with a free parking lot.

Company car, company laptop, company mobile phone (on demand)

Depending on the function within the company, BOXMARK makes electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops available to its employees. Company cars are granted depending on the activity. All employees have a pool of company vehicles at their disposal for business trips.

Company canteen and organized lunch service

As far as possible, the individual locations have a canteen, which is subsidized by the company, thus keeping the employees’ share of the cost low. In this way, we enable our employees to eat cheaply, time-savingly and variedly. If local conditions do not permit a canteen, the respective company management organizes a meal service in order to be able to provide warm meals for our employees.

Social fund for employees

BOXMARK has for many years now established a social fund for its employees. The fund uses donations to support employees whose families or who themselves have experienced misfortune or who fall on hard times through no fault of their own. This social fund allows BOXMARK to rapidly provide urgent assistance.

Anniversary celebrations and gifts

Employees who have been with the company for more than 20 years are especially honored every five years during festivities and receive additional vouchers and gifts for their many years of loyalty to the company.

Apprentice bonuses for excellent performance

Apprentices receive small success bonuses for excellent academic performance and successful completion of their apprenticeship examinations.

Training and further education opportunities

With our in-house academy "X-Academy" we offer our employees various training and further education modules (e.g. tanner training). For the individual development of our employees, we also invest permanently in training measures from external providers.

Training on the job

In order to optimally prepare our employees for their work, there are extensive workplace-specific training and education programs. Our employees get to know the interfaces in the company that are most important to them, which facilitates processes and communication in their daily work.

Andrej Gomboc
“In this company, you can get the opportunity to develop yourself.“
“First, I worked in leather production at various stations. Then Boxmark gave me the opportunity to be trained as a tanner. I was very happy about it, and I took the chance. In this company, you can get the opportunity to develop yourself. Now I am working as a trainee at the Research & Development Center, where I am learning a lot. Due to my different tasks, my job is very varied."
Andrej Gomboc
Trainee Research & Development Center, employed in Austria since 2013
Nataša Popović
“I had the opportunity to attend various training courses and expand my knowledge.“
“As Packer in the Shipping Department, I make sure that all products are properly packed so that the customer receives his goods in perfect condition. I have been working at Boxmark for many years now and have constantly developed professionally. I had the opportunity to attend various training courses and expand my knowledge. Every employee at Boxmark gets the opportunity to develop further, but of course you have to take your work seriously and also need to have the wish to develop further."
Nataša Popović
Packer in the Shipping Department, employed in Croatia since 2009